fashion at any age

No matter what age we are, be it 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80, we all want to dress well and look good. You can look not just good but great at any age. Every decade that passes provides a new opportunity to reevaluate your style and improve it. For fashion at any age, I think there should not be a list of things you can’t wear; rather, there should be a list of things to add to your style mix.

Ask yourself: How do you want to dress? Do you want to give off an air of sophistication or of being casual, relaxed, or elegant? How important is being comfortable to you?

With every decade that passes, don’t think about it as losing your youth or your fashion sense. Think of it as an opportunity to add something, such as a better sense of style or an entirely different style. You can add a color you haven’t worn much before or experiment with new pieces of jewelry.

Below are some tips for fashion at any age. However, to see more specific tips by decade, here are some links: fashion for women over 30, fashion for women over 40, fashion for women over 50, fashion for women over 60, and fashion for women over 70.

Photo Outfit Diary

One fashion at any age tip that works is to take a picture in the mirror every day as a sort of style diary. Look at the fit of your clothes. Do they fit right? Are the hemlines the right length? Is there something simple you could change to make yourself look and feel better? Something like changing up your shoes or purse? How about your glasses, if you wear them? I recommend Zenni for glasses if you need new glasses or want to try something different. They are very affordable ($20-$60 depending on the pair) and have some great styles. Also, a sophisticated pair of sunglasses are practical and a great accessory.

Body Type

While you look in the mirror and take all those pictures, reevaluate your body. What body type do you have right now? See what cuts and lines are working (or not) for you. It can be hard to see and recognize what isn’t working when we are rushing to get dressed and out the door. Taking pictures of our outfits and taking a moment to look at them and reflect is important to see ourselves as others see us.

Being Balanced

There are many women whose fashion style is very bold and they look great, no matter what their age is. However, if you are worried about coming across as “too young” you can combine a youthful or trendy piece with a classic piece. That can give you a nicely balanced look.

Style at Any Age – Style Inspiration

Sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration. One of my favorite style influencers is Grece Ghanem, @greceghanem on Instagram. Her style is a mix of a feminine style, plus some classics, plus some color.

Just enjoy fashion, at any age! Getting dressed and picking out clothes and outfits can be very fun and a form of self-expression. Never feel bad about getting older or looking older. Celebrate that with every passing decade, you know yourself better, you have more life experience, and you are more confident in yourself! And that, my darlings, is powerful and guaranteed to make you look and feel your best.