beach outfits

Are you going to the beach this year? If so, I am very happy for you but also jealous! We haven’t been to the beach this year. However, when we travel to the beach, I want to pack enough clothes but not too much. So, if you want to know what beach outfits to bring so you have everything you need but not an excess, this page is for you! Also, for your convenience, you can click on any of the pictures on this page if you are interested in purchasing anything styled on this page.

First, Get Your Info Together to Plan Your Beach Outfits

How many nights will you be staying at the beach? What is the temperature going to be? Check the weather forecast a week before you go. Check again a few days before your vacation so you can tailor your outfits to the weather forecast. What activities will you be doing? Your outfit requirements will differ depending on what you have planned to do.

Beach Outfit Ideas

Summer and the beach for me mean flowy feminine dresses. If you are similar to me in that sense, consider taking a couple of dresses. They are a whole beach outfit in one, and if you pick loose, elasticated, or smocked dresses, they are straightforward to get on and off over a swimsuit. You can pop one on over your swimsuit and then take it back off easily when you get back to the beach. Also, if you take heels and a coordinating purse, you can use the same dress to go out to dinner at night.

Pants or Shorts

A pair of loose linen pants or shorts can work well in lieu of a coverup or pareo. If you pack a couple of nice tops and a pair of heels, you can wear them with the bottoms for dinner. Below you will see some outfit ideas with wide-legged linen pants and shorts. Consider a top with design details such as big ruffles or puff sleeves, which are on-trend and will bring some visual interest into your outfit. If you want to detract attention from your waist for any reason, a wrap-style top or a blouse with ruching will look fantastic.

Crop top and linen pants

Coverups and Pareos

Coverups and pareos come in handy for grabbing lunch while still wearing your swimsuit. I got one from Target, which I had wanted to style for this page. Unfortunately, it is way too short on me, so it’s going back. Since you can click on any of the pictures on this page if you are interested in purchasing anything styled, I will leave a few cover-up ideas linked in the picture with the swimsuit.


So for shoes, slides are a good shoe choice for days walking on the sand, jelly sandals for rocky beaches, and espadrilles or heels for dinner at night. A straw tote will be perfect for your beach essentials. I have mentioned my big straw tote many times because it is so convenient for many occasions. It is big enough to hold your towel, reading materials, sunscreen, sunglasses, etcetera. Also a beach essential are hats to protect you from the sun. There are many nice options for hats this season. And, we can’t forget sunglasses. The pair in the picture above have a vintage glam feel to them. I will leave them linked, so you can just click on the picture.

Hopefully, these beach outfits gave you some ideas and inspiration as to what to take for your vacation. I will keep updating this page, so be sure to check back next spring/summer for new beach outfit ideas! You can also check out my Instagram @stylizeyouig to see behind the scenes of getting photos, more of my daily life and OOTDs, and funny reels. See you there!