¿Alguna vez ha mirado a una prenda de vestir que le gusta y se ha preguntado si es demasiado “joven” para usted? Antes de los 30, probablemente ni siquiera pensó en el concepto de ropa demasiado "joven". Pero se pregunta, ¿realmente cambia de alguna forma la moda para mujeres mayores de 30? Este parece ser un tema con algo de controversia. Algunos dicen que se visten de manera diferente después de cumplir los 30. Otras dicen que se ponen lo que quieren y no les importa si se ajusta a su edad.

I turned to some of my friends to ask them their thoughts. One of my very stylish friends says she’s changed how she dresses. She says, “I dress better now! I have a more contemporary style. My body has changed, so I choose a different fit for my clothes. I think you should adjust what you wear but still wear clothes that are pretty and in style.”

Since you are reading this article, I imagine you want to change your clothes or style up some now that you are in your 30s. So, we’ll talk about ten things to consider when choosing what you will wear to dress better in your 30s.

Conozca la Forma de su Cuerpo

The truth is that our body shape changes as we get older. Clothes can downplay body parts that you don’t like and accentuate the ones you do like. When you dress for your body shape, you’ll look fabulous. You’ll not spend your hard-earned money on clothes to decide a month or two later that they don’t suit you.

fashion over 30
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Conozca Su Tono de Piel

Básicamente, averigue si tiene un tono de piel cálido o frío. Su tez de piel se ve más radiante cuando se viste con colores que complementan su tono de piel. ¡Los colores adecuados pueden darle vida a su piel y hacerle lucir más feliz y mas descansada! ¿Quién no quiere eso?

Conozca La Ropa Que Necesita

When you know what you are doing, you can buy clothes for those activities. For example, I work from home for most of the week and dress casually, but I also volunteer and wear a dress or skirt. My needs are primarily casual 60% of the time and business dressy 40% of the time. Knowing that I won’t buy an evening gown or fancy cocktail dresses even if they are on sale at an excellent price because I never go to black-tie events.

Reevalúe Su Estilo

By the time you turn 30, you might realize that your style has evolved. Opening your closet might be a trip back over the last ten years of trying different trends, styles, colors, etc. Your 30s is an excellent time to reevaluate your style. Once you have defined your style, you can look at what you need to donate or toss from your wardrobe and what pieces you need to acquire to accurately describe who you are now and what you are doing in life. A quick tip: Open your closet and see which colors, prints, fabrics, and design details attract you.

Saque De Su Armario Lo Que Ya No Le Gusta

Take everything out of your closet, then pick 5 of your favorite pieces, try them on to make sure they still fit, and put them back in your closet. Keep doing this until your wardrobe is 3/4 full. You can take note of anything that needs to be mended and set it aside. I have a basket under my bed where I put the things that I’ll fix. Make a list on your phone of the clothing items that you need.

Compre Ropa Fabricada de Buenos Materiales

fashion over 30

Natural materials such as cotton, linen, viscose, silk, wool, and cashmere have many benefits. The pros of clothes made from these materials are that they’re more comfortable to wear, long-lasting, and make you look much better than cheaper materials such as polyester. They’re also more eco-friendly. You can make your clothes more eco-friendly (and make it better for the living things that provide us with some of these materials) if you buy clothes secondhand. Secondhand clothes are also more budget-friendly.


Echele un vistazo a @liketoknow.it en Instagram o descargue la aplicación para encontrar bloggers de moda o influencers cuyo estilo le guste y que tengan la misma edad, forma de cuerpo y tono de piel que el suyo. Puede tomar una captura de pantalla para guardar los looks que le gustaría recrear. Puede buscar #fashionover30 en Instagram para encontrar inspiracion.

Tenga Cuidado con las Tendencias...

A lot of trends aren’t flattering (such as neon). Only purchase those tendencias que le fascinan y quiere probar. Antes de comprar, asegurese que pueda combinar las piezas con otras piezas de su armario. 

...Pero Asegurese de Tener Las Prendas Basicas Claves

What’re the basics? I’ve written another page about this, but basically, a solid, neutral-colored camisole and a neutral-colored pair of pants are examples of basics. These items will make putting together outfits a breeze.

Vistase Para Si Misma y No Para Los Demas

At 35, I don’t care what other people think about my clothes. I wear my clothes because I love them, and they suit me. So enjoy your clothes as a form of expressing your individuality!

I hope you enjoyed these ten tips to improve your style and fashion over 30. You can find outfit ideas and more fashion over 30 on Instagram @stylizeyouig